Rue From Ruin

Rue From Ruin is a serial story that takes place in modern-day Europe. A man at odds with his mentor, the mysterious Professeur Demons, is on the hunt for vengeance.

Our hero is able to track his nemesis by means only he can perceive. Still, he struggles to keep up the search while dealing with his own darker nature.

Rue From Ruin is slated for 8 parts. Wait till it is finished, or read each part as it is published below:

Part 1 – Bordeaux Will Pay
Part 2 – 6:30 AM
Part 3 – Tincture
Part 4 – Imprisonment
Interlude – Gross Misuse
Part 5 – Dilemma
Part 6 – 1st Draft Complete
Part 7 – 1st Draft Complete
Part 8 – 1st Draft Complete

More about the inspiration for Rue From Ruin here.