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State Of The Writer’s Brain/Work

Hey all, it’s been a while since we’ve talked. I mean REALLY talked.

How’ve you been? Are the kids doing well? How about the dogs? Goldfish? Broom?

If you’ve been following along on Twitter or my Facebook page, you might have gleaned a few tidbits about what I’ve been up to. However, I think if you read on, you’ll find some surprises.


What’s On Hold

The Galaxy and All Her Charms is officially on hold. What I realized is this: the story I have in my head doesn’t match what I’ve written. I’m not ready to write that story for many reasons. I readily admit, one of them is my lack of skill.

Good news though, I had some professional help to review what’s already written. I have some fabulous feedback I’m going to be working through, but for now, I have other projects taking precedence.

What’s Done

If you missed it, a second Clah tale is published. Clah Versus the Volcano: A Marshmallow Roast.

The first draft of parts 6, 7, and 8 of Rue From Ruin are in the can awaiting a revision and publishing here on the blog. I also had some professional feedback on the first few parts, and I’m going to do a bigger overhaul at some point and submit the resulting story to some contests and anthologies.

I submitted around 5000 words of RPG writing to be published in a forthcoming RPG game. I’ll keep the name of the game quiet for the moment. It’s due out later this year or early next, so I’ll share once there is something for you to see.

What’s In-Progress

My new novel, codenamed GIAO, is well underway. The draft is about 1/4 finished, and I’m writing on it regularly. This one is very exciting for me. I’ll write about some related topics as I go along. Maybe some worldbuilding posts and such.

Blog posts: I have one about paying for professional critiques (the short answer is: if you can afford it, do it). Also an RPG review a new version of one of my favorite games of all time King Arthur Pendragon. Finally, for those reading from work, I have several posts in various stages of completion on my tech blog: http://blog.dubmun.com

What’s Brewing

Another RPG project is in the works. This one is considerably more ambitious than the last, and I may be involved as more than a pinch-hitter. Very early stages, but I’m really excited about it. I’ll share more when the plans firm up.

I’ve also written up seeds of quite a few new stories and/or longer works. They aren’t worth sharing at the moment, but a couple of them are exciting.

Finally, I’m considering writing a webcomic. I’m talking to a few artists about an idea I believe translates well to the medium.


See ya around, and thanks for reading!

I’ll keep this short.


K. M. Alexander posted a quote that struck a chord. For over a month now, my entire writing existence has centered around the idea he recently espoused here.

It works. I sit at the computer, and I say, “For the next 15 minutes there is nothing but writing.” Then I set a timer, and I go. Sometimes I get 350 words of total crap. Other times I can barely force 190 words, and none of them seem great. Other times, I feel like it’s all coming together. I feel like I’m writing something I would enjoy reading.

The other times are starting to outnumber the rest. It’s a good feeling.

Now back to work.

Coming Soon To A Blog Near You

Howdy, readers! Yes, you two over there and my wife. If you wandered here by accident check this out.

I thought I’d give you all a brief look at what’s coming up here at the iWriteSciFi blog.

This post will be the last meta post for at least a few weeks. I promise!


The Schedule

Here is the planned schedule. I expect the three of you to hold me to this. I’ll publish something (anything really) here on the blog on Tuesdays and Fridays. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever post on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday. That would be silly. The Tuesday/Friday schedule just means that I want to stick to that minimum regularity.

Wow that PREVIEWS graphic is getting irritating.







Ahhhh. Much better. Now, where was I?

Right. I will publish on Tuesday and Friday at a minimum. I’m hoping to achieve a cadence that I can get a feel for and stick to.

The Topics

I bet you are wondering what topics to expect. So far I’ve managed to post about music once and meta-blog twice. Not a great track record for a writer’s blog is it? Now is probably a good time to announce a new category: the serial story. I’ve begun work on a serial story, and I plan to publish it in its entirety right here on my blog.

Serial Story

Are you not familiar with a serial story? No problem there. Wikipedia can help us out with a definition of Serial Literature. The TL;DR for that article is this: I’ll write 500-1000 words of a story and publish it on the blog. Then I’ll write another 500-1000 words of the story and publish it on the blog at a point in the future from the original post. I’ll continue like this until the arc of the story has been told.

Wondering what that first story will be? You won’t have to wait long because I’ve already written the first installment, and I’ll be publishing it here this coming Friday. I’ll give you a preview. That’s what this post is all about right?

The story is about a man in his twenties struggling to come to grips with the loss of his wife and child and seeking the person he holds responsible for their deaths. I won’t spoil it for you, but I already know how the story ends although I’m not sure how many installments it will take to get there. My first guess is somewhere between five and eight.

Music To Write By

I’ve already written one of these. A very special post about my friend Lance Clark. If you didn’t read the post, you should check it out!

TIL (Today I Learned)

As I go through the process of writing a novel and writing this blog, I’m going to learn. Because, let’s face it, I’m a total noob. When I learn something that I think is cool, I will write about it because I’m a WRITER. Deal with it.


Randomisms will probably be the category that could be aptly labeled: “William Did A Dumb Thing; Let’s Laugh At Him”.

I imagine it will be a well-used topic.


This post is Exhibit B. I give you, Exhibit A. Yeah, yeah… there won’t be another Meta post for a while, but I won’t make promises I can’t keep about the future.

That’s It For Now

So. There you have it. I hope you’ll join me again on Friday for my first Serial Story installment. One more minor hint: all is not as it seems for this man and his struggle.