A Whole New Blog

I’ve been playing at being a writer for over half a year now. It’s time to get serious. Getting serious means starting a blog, doesn’t it?

With absolute certainty, I can describe to you what you are thinking: Finally, the wait is over. Will’s going to blog about writing and life and other things! This new means of communication between him and I will surely change the world and rock my convictions about everything to their very core.

Close right?


Okay, maybe I’m no mind reader.

The truth is, this is my THIRD blog; I have learned a few tricks that can make articles accessible and entertaining to read. I hope you enjoy it no matter your background.

If you’re wondering what’s coming up (and if you should subscribe) here is the general idea:

  • Writing announcements and updates.
  • Short fiction and chapters from larger works.
  • Real stories from my life (humorized for your enjoyment).
  • Writing tips and other things I’ve learned as part of this experiment.

The list of topics will evolve as I learn more while¬†on this adventure; they’ve already evolved since I started this post… so be on the lookout.

I hope those few of you who stumble here enjoy the blog. I’m sure I’ll enjoy writing it.

Until next time!

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