That’s Sci-Fi Writin’ Music

One of the coolest things about doing creative work is when you find out that your buddies are chasing after their dreams as well. A few months back, I met up with my friend Lance Clark and some other comrades for a friendly night of games. Of course, by friendly I mean we went at each others throats in as polite a way possible.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t ALL polite.


As Lance was taking me to task an embarrassingly dominant fashion, I asked what he’d been up to lately. It had already come up that I am writing a science fiction novel and my friend, somewhat sheepishly, told me of his experimentation with producing electronic music. The undertaking was, technically, news to me. Lance and I had been sharing music by various electronic artists with each other for years. I knew he was musically talented, so this was less surprising than it could have been.

My immediate question to the would-be composer was, “When do I get to hear it?”

“Well…” he replied, holding me in suspense, “soon, but not yet.”

His response did a fantastic job of heightening my anticipation. I’m fairly confident that when his email arrived several weeks later, I could not have been disappointed in the result. Music made and recorded by the hands and brain of a good friend of mine could not fail. Imagine my joy when I discovered that loved the music, and it was inspiring to listen to while writing bits of The Galaxy and All Her Charms!

Since the original track, Lance has released an additional four on Soundcloud. For you, this means they are free to listen to with your ear-holes.

Be sure to like and comment the work if you are so inclined. I know he will appreciate the feedback.

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