TIL: The Law of the Bamboo Tree


Well, it wasn’t today that I learned about perseverance. It was last Friday. It was also another time a few weeks before that. Who am I kidding? This is a lesson I’ve learned and apparently unlearned more times that I’m willing to share with you all.

A point. I have one.

Justin S’ua is great at reminding me to persevere and be mentally tough. It seems like I happen across his articles on Twitter right when I could really use a boost. I was lucky enough to meet Justin while living and working in the San Antonio, Texas area a few years ago and I’ve been a better person for it. Currently, he is working for the Boston Red Sox as a Mental Skills Coach. Justin is the real deal, folks.

Justin Su'a

Granted, I still have my days where I’m not really up for a “pep talk”. I’m a writer. How can I write about bad situations if I’m ALWAYS in a good, positive mood? Right?

Lately, I’ve been depressed concerning my writing. A lot of effort goes into it, and I’m not improving as much or as swiftly as I would desire.

I needed some reinforcement, and Justin had just posted this brilliant article. It made my day. I hope you enjoy it at well: The Law of the Bamboo Tree.

See you all on Friday, when I will have Part 2 of my Serial Story available for your reading enjoyment!

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