The Galaxy and All Her Charms


This is the big one.

The Galaxy and All Her Charms is the sci-fi novel I always wanted to read. No one else has written it yet, and I’m just audacious enough to try. 

Here is the working back cover summary:

Jeita Grotto has lost everything: her son, her freedom, and if she doesn’t escape from the Second Holy Arabritish Empire, perhaps even her life. Born far from Earth aboard a colonization starship, Jeita lives in caste-based servitude. She was caught running away once, and suffered three years in the dreaded Ne’ruaziz prison as punishment. Jeita takes a second opportunity to flee with the assistance of the Servant Freedom League. The league consists of a band of escaped servants, and one young defector from the military caste, former Lieutenant Ayda McDeckard. Jeita has visions of events in the near-past with her postcogn ability, and the League needs an edge in its fight for freedom. Her quest for vengeance against the “Shabby” Empire could aid and inspire the entire servant caste, perhaps giving meaning to the loss of her only child.

If you’d like to read chapter 1, I can accommodate: it is here.